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Terms and Conditions

Direct Time Through the order entry process, every single sequence is scheduled and dedicated to your manufacturing program. This procedure is completed in the conclusion of every day and, presuming no difficulties are encountered, a estimated ship date is assigned to this purchase. We quote a wonderful 5 to 7 weeks lead time, rather outstanding believing our goods are prefinished. Other alternatives may enhance your lead time. Arrange Timing Lead-time scheduling might be delayed in order positioning problems are encountered. Orders with queries won't be scheduled for production until all questions are answered with the client. All orders processed paid for and then put by 9:00 a.m.(EST) to a workday is going to have the lead-time dating start that day. Lead-time scheduling for commands of unique quantity or sophistication might be delayed. Replacement orders must include products the consumer previously arranged. Products damaged or incorrectly ordered by the consumer is going to be replaced using a normal lead time. Replacement orders must include products the consumer previously arranged. Website Information Please be aware that all information and ideas provided through the site and "Do it Yourself Video" doesn't create Cabinetrefacingtogo and Techno Kitchen Refacing Inc. accountable for any compensation, mistakes or harm brought on by the usage of those. Order Confirmations you're going to get a last order verification from CabinetRefacingtogo before your order being published. You'll have to thoroughly review the sequence acknowledgement and initial each page to signify that you agree with all the things being quoted and the last cost. Please note, it's your obligation to make sure all items on the order are appropriate! When your order was placed and published for production, we'll contact you with a confirmed ship date. That will be the date your purchase will leave the mill. Transport We typically determine 'best way' transportation depending on available freight rates for your zip code. In all situations, you'll be billed freight beforehand once you place your order. It's always valuable to get your order sent to your place which has a loading dock. Frequently, your area of business will adapt personal deliveries. Since the cupboards have been delivered on pallets, a loading dock and binder jack/forklift are often very handy! If you don't have access to these facilities, then we could have shipments delivered to your house. Notice the important info below pertaining to residential deliveries Residential deliveries are usually curb side only and the freight driver might just be inclined to find the things to the rear of the vehicle. Always arrange to get help available to unload your purchase. A normal kitchen could be sloping in 15 minutes or less with 2 individuals. Frequently, residential deliveries incur extra costs, including lift gate services. These fees will be along with your quoted freight prices and could be charged directly to you. We provide your contact info to the freight provider and instruct them to contact you to arrange for shipping. If the freight business tries delivery based on these pre-arrangements, but is ineffective (nobody dwelling, nobody readily available to help in unloading, inaccessible place, etc), then a re-delivery fee will be assessed to you. These fees are billed directly from the freight business for you and aren't the responsibility of CabinetRefacingtogo. Another shipping option which might be accessible for you is customer pick up in the freight company's distribution facility. Just contact us to receive your PRO amount (a freight tracking number) and get in touch with your shipper to find out if pick up is available. Make sure you have the right vehicle to take care of the purchase. There's a great deal of packaging material which may even make a little job quite bulky. Damage/Missing Claims When hurt or lost claims are documented expeditiously, we can acquire your replacement promptly processed without any questions asked. You don't have to speak to the freight company to submit a claim.

If after removing the Packing some damage is noted, Then It's important Cabinetrefacingtogo instantly. All Packing, Merchandise, and Also the waybill Has to be kept on hand before the claim is accepted. Cabinetreacingtogo Will speak to the freight business and procedure the damage case. Your Help to offer advice for a fast and proper claim is extremely important. When Calling us to Inform us of This claim, be Information readily available to permit for a speedy and proper claim.

On account of this custom 'build to order' nature of this item, there's absolutely no provision for yields. Orders have been entered to creation in just the hours of order placement. Consequently, Purchase changes or cancellation requests are Usually Unable to We Can do our best to Honor your Cancellation or Change, but be Aware it isn't a warranty and there can be a fee related to Any alterations or cancellations we could make. This guarantee is limited to defects in workmanship or material. It Is CabinetRefacingtogo directly to request pictures or if required returns Of the defected things at consumer cost Damage or Damage due to Abuse, abuse, faulty installation, Circumstances out of our hands aren't covered under the guarantee.